EP101: Unchangeable

Changeable is about the ironic way change works. Ironic, because the less we push, manipulate, and try to make change happen, the more we see that change is always already happening. Change is unavoidable. We simply miss it when we’re lost in our heads in our efforts. 

Why does it work this way? Isn’t it too good to be true that relaxing and fighting less gets us everything we’re searching for?

Change works in this ironic way because of what’s unchangeable. 

What’s unchangeable is the backdrop behind all experience. The system. The design. The consciousness within which all of that changeable stuff rises and falls. 

Relaxing into what’s unchangeable is the point. Understanding what’s always changing is great, but primarily because it opens us to what’s unchangeable. 

Thank you for spending 101 episodes exploring with me! I can’t wait for the next 100+!

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