EP102: Freedom from Planning and Control with Michele Vineyard

It has been incredible watching Michele change over the past few years.

Not long ago, she lived and died by her planner. She scheduled life from her estimated death date backward, to the present day. Really.

There is nothing wrong with a good plan. But as she describes in this episode, it felt heavy to her. It was an old habit, an old attempt to control life that began long ago.

In the past few years, Michele has transformed. She’s barely recognizable in many ways.

In this episode, she talks about her change. She shares how she went from emotionally controlled to more open, in part through a huge loss she experienced.

She discusses how, even as “controller”, she deeply knew it was okay to let her son live abroad from the age of 15.  

This conversation is so honest and real and pretty amazing, really. You’ll hear Michele talk about being a “slow learner” when it comes to this new paradigm. But man…when it clicked, it really clicked. And it continues to click and deepen for her.

Enjoy this conversation with Michele!  You can see more about her here: https://essence-experience.com/

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