You Just Think you are

humans with thought bubbles you just thinkIn 1973, Sydney Banks, a Scottish man living in British Columbia, Canada, and his wife Barbara, went to a workshop in the hopes of improving their relationship. While there, Syd became friendly with another participant in the workshop. The two men bonded over the fact that they both struggled with insecurity.
Syd Banks saw his friend later in the weekend, and as Syd tells it, the man said, “You know Syd, the other night you told me you were insecure, and I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my life.”
Syd heard something far beyond the words his new friend said.
He heard in his simple words that there is no such thing as insecurity, there is only insecure thought. In that moment, Syd knew that he was not insecure, he only thought he was.
In each and every moment, we feel the thought moving through us, the thought and feeling we’re identified with, mistaking for truth.
This is as true for you, as it was for Syd, as it is for all of us. You aren’t insecure, you just think you are.
You aren’t critical or judgmental when critical and judgmental thoughts move through you. Your experience doesn’t make you a critical or judgmental person. Thought and feeling move through, and we innocently identify with them. We assume it’s personal because they’re showing up in our experience. But it isn’t personal.
You aren’t anxious, depressed, fearful. You aren’t extraverted, disorganized, neurotic. You don’t have an addictive personality, you aren’t a procrastinator, perfectionist, or self-saboteur.
You just think you are.

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