EP151: A Fine Line Between Grief and Joy with Joy Elohim

Joy Elohim is a Change Coach who works with people around grief.

Although that might sound depressing, it’s not at all depressing for Joy. She loves it, because grief isn’t depressing to Joy. Grief is a beautiful expression of love and life. 

I love how Joy describes the aliveness in grief. The way that everything is a little more pronounced, a little more sensitive or vibrant or…something, when we’re feeling the strong energy of grief. 

It’s not much different at all from the vibrant, alive feeling of being in love. Perhaps the only difference between love and grief is our stories and expectations?

I hope this conversation with Joy helps you see the safety, perfection, and beauty in grief.

To see more about Joy and her work, visit:  https://www.realchangementoring.com/grief-guide/


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