More than Meets the Eye

woman without a face more than meets the eyeIt appears as if the experience we’re in–what we see, think, and feel–is the truth, reality, all there is. 

Our psychology–thoughts, feelings, and behavior–not only appear to be all there is, they also look personal and meaningful, like they are ‘us’ or ‘ours’.

But consider that our psychology–what we’ve been staring so closely at because it looks like all there is–is just the very tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole ‘you’ there, beyond your moving, changing psychology. 

To feel ‘you’, it’s helpful to see your psychology for what it is. We’re staring at our experience because it feels personal and all-encompassing. But when you begin to see it for what it is, you’re less inclined to look there so much. You’re freed up to see what else is available. You’re freed up to sense the ‘you’ that’s there beyond the psychology show. 

‘You’ are something like the animating force–the consciousness that powers and is aware of your psychological experience. 

In that space beyond your experience, there are no problems, no habits, no anxiety. Nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect. 

Habits live in our psychology. They aren’t ‘ours’; they’re really not even that deep; they are learned. They are a pattern of thought that we’re used to staring at and identifying with, but they come and go all the time. 

We can’t be broken and we don’t ‘have’ habits. All feelings of brokenness are thought.

All is well. We only think it isn’t.

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