EP154: Where’s the Habit in Anxiety?

I view anxiety as a habit. (To be fair, I view most things–including personality, identity, and moods–as habits too).

People who struggle with anxiety ask me about this all the time. They say “I can see how nail biting or binge eating or drinking is a habit. But how is anxiety a habit?”

“Where’s the habit in anxiety? I just get overwhelmed with a flood of fear and physical symptoms. It happens from out of nowhere. How is that a habit?”

It’s a good question, isn’t it? 

“Anxiety” is nothing until our mind labels it. Then it feels like something. Often, along with that label comes resistance and a slew of habitual responses attempting to make that energy called “anxiety” go away.

There is no “anxiety”, at least none that feels like a problem, without resistance. 


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