Specific = Universal

stain glass ceiling universalHave you noticed that the more specific you get, the more universal things look?

The more you talk with someone, going deep into the details of their life, their stories, worries, concerns, wishes and hopes…

…the more you see that they are just like you? The specifics may vary quite a bit, but in diving into those seemingly important differences, you get to glimpse the sameness that lies beyond them. 

Beyond language is a universe of oneness. 

Beyond psychology is a universe of essence. 

Beyond personal is a universe of impersonal.

The perceived differences reveal the universal sameness, which seems ironic until you consider that “different” and “the same”, “specific” and “universal”,  don’t really exist to begin with. 

Different and the same are two sides of the same conceptual coin, both ideas that feel solid and true, but just can’t be.

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