EP157: Freedom from Derealization, Orthorexia, and the other Shapes Anxiety Takes with Lily Sais

Lily has a long history with anxiety, similar to mine in many ways.

She describes herself as a sensitive child who often worried about being abandoned. 

She worried about going crazy and about her physical health in general, to the point of behaving in ways that might be called orthorexia, health anxiety, sleep anxiety, or OCD

She worried about having a panic attack or worse, after experiencing panic and depersonalization while driving. 

In the past few years, so much has opened up for Lily. Through exploring her healthy essence and the nature of thought, she’s come to see how unbelievably resilient she is. She’s always made it through every single bit of anxiety she’s ever felt, which is pretty amazing. 

Her body has always recalibrated and settled down. So has her mind. Every single time. 

She no longer feels the need to try to manage her surroundings or her feelings because she knows that she’s fundamentally well beyond anything that’s moving through her. 

Lily now helps people struggling with anxiety, and is responsible for brining this understanding into the school district in which she works. Even through a couple tough years circumstantially, she’s thriving. 

I hope you enjoy Lily’s awesome change story. You can see more about her here:  https://www.peace-from-within.com

And please check her out on Tik Tok and Instagram (@peacefromwithin) where she’s helping hundreds of thousands of people with anxiety every day. 


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